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What is a green taxi?

A green taxi is an environmentally friendly taxi that uses less gasoline
and emits less pollution into the air than a regular taxi.

Why should I choose a green taxi?

Choosing a green taxi allows you to improve air quality and protect
the environment at no extra cost. Green taxi fares are the same as
regular taxi fares.

How do I hail a green taxi?

You can start by calling the taxi companies listed under "Green Taxi and Limo Listings." Otherwise, when calling for a taxi, ask if the company uses hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, or ask for the smallest vehicle type available to suit your needs.

What is North Texas Green & Go?

The North Texas Green & Go Clean Taxi Partnership was a
collaborative effort of the Dallas Sustainable Skylines Initiative. 
The partnership was created to encourage the use of low emission 'green" taxicab vehicles. Given their high-milage and the congested conditions in which they operate, taxis can play an important part in reducing emissions to help clean the air.


For comments/information contact greenandgo@nctcog.org.
North Texas Green & Go Clean Taxi Partnership is powered by NCTCOG.


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